47 Winchester

Building a home for guests. A hybrid AirBNB and recreation space, this 4-story brownstone boasts an art gallery and residence.


Alumni Hubs

Re-imagining alumni engagement: using innovation and hospitality principles to create a new kind of space for Northeastern University's global alumni network. 



Building homes for the future, inspired by the past. In response to the costs of housing and an experience oriented society, we need affordable furnished rental accommodations that foster community and deliver living-as-a-service.


Global Expansion

Accelerating university growth while minimizing operational footprint. As Northeatern University expands its reach and impact, we are finding creative solutions to build a partnership-based real estate model.


FWD Field Trips

FWD Field Trips are immersive travel experiences that bring creative leaders to creative cities for a weekend of learning, conversation, relationship-building, and local discovery. out the project.


FWD Partners is a consulting and development firm with a mission to create unconventional real estate that builds social fabric. Our projects rethink physical spaces with three goals: create strong communities, enhance local economies, and transform lives.

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