Building homes for the future, inspired by the past. In response to the costs of housing and an experience oriented society, we need affordable furnished rental accommodations that foster community and deliver living-as-a-service.



January 2017


Nicole Fichera
Michael Winston


One of our clients is the largest global co-living developer, with 1700+ units operational or under development. FWD Partners is supporting their entrance into the U.S. market. Key activities include finding development partners, adapting their housing product for American cultural expectations and establishing a comprehensive launch strategy.


What we’ve accomplished:



Hosted U.S. market focus group to understand how our client's product should adapt and evolve to meet and exceed customer expectations.



Led civic engagement activities in advance of entry to the market while leveraging relationships with local counsel, partners, and prospective investors to accelerate Boston expansion.



Managed and grew Boston pipeline of development opportunities and prospective partners.



Provided guidance on neighborhoods and likely user groups to inform site selection strategy.