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BUILDing Forward Exhibition

BUILDing Forward Exhibition

An exhibition on the future of construction technologies, showcasing prototypes in concrete, steel, glass, wood, aluminum, high-performance composites, and more.


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Part of my role at the Autodesk BUILD Space was creating partnerships and programs in Boston, in order to share the capabilities and purpose of the BUILD Space more broadly, to build a pipeline of researchers to join us in the lab, and to strengthen and expand the conversation about innovation in the building industries.

I worked with senior leadership at both Autodesk and the Boston Society of Architects Foundation (BSA Foundation) to structure a partnership around an exhibition in BSA Space, an exciting contemporary gallery and Boston’s leading center for architecture and design.

The exhibition was called BUILDing Forward, and it explored the innovation around ‘making’ in the building and infrastructure industries—both material fabrication and larger construction.

We designed an exhibition that would demonstrate the future of making and the radical changes in the way things are designed, made, and used in the architecture, engineering, and construction fields.

We illustrated the possibilities for change and new construction methods by showcasing a series of prototypes: early explorations for timber tower structures, studies on the form and function of glass, new shapes made of standard building components like steel studs, and parametric concrete experiments, all made possible by combining traditional materials with computational design and fabrication techniques.

The exhibition really illustrated three key things: the shift experienced by the design industry, the blurring line between architect and builder, and how technology is helping designers to create buildings and infrastructure that are socially and physically connected, sustainable, resilient, and beautiful.

Exhibit pieces included the following:

Marnfah Kanjanavanit, Anthony Nitche, Dyani Robarge, Rachel Sung, Jeremy Ficca
Carnegie Mellon University—School of Architecture

Design By Making: Nail Laminated Timber Panel
Jeremy Luebker, Yehia Madkour, Andrew Tsay Jacobs

Emerson College Little Building
Thomas C. Carrier, Edward Schelleng, Kate Ford, Jenna Carolan, Nick Nigro
Elkus Manfredi Architects and Suffolk

Digital—Glass Fabrication
Lucy Yip, Stefanie Pender
Autodesk BUILD Space

WinterLight Pavilion for The Rose Kennedy Greenway
Autodesk BUILDspace, The Rose Kennedy Greenway, Studio NYL Structural Engineers, Tocci Construction and PennState University

Lumii Display
Tom Baran, Matt Hirsch, Daniel Lethinger, Ryan Marten, Olivia Mitchell

Digital Steel: Complex Stud Geometries
Autodesk BUILD Space, Howick, Ltd.

MetaComb Material
Seva Tsodokov

Rapid Steel Studies
Scott Mitchell, Nate Peters
Autodesk BUILD Space

AN_ERIN x Autodesk BUILD Space

AN_ERIN x Autodesk BUILD Space

District Hall

District Hall