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ArchitectureBoston: Change

ArchitectureBoston: Change

Managing the editorial process for a special issue of ArchitectureBoston, a regional magazine devoted to architectural discourse and critique.


“Change, much of it unsettling, is in the air.”
— David Hacin, Guest Editor

In 2012, a lot was changing in Boston. The city was still reeling from the financial crisis, and the new Innovation District initiative was underway, along with lots of other programs designed to get the economy back on track.

In the architecture community, a lot was changing too. The Boston Society of Architects was moving from its historic downtown headquarters to a hyper-contemporary, public-facing, gallery space on the rapidly developing waterfront. This space was symbolic of a new kind of organization, ready to engage in the public realm in new ways.

ArchitectureBoston, a quarterly publication dedicated to architectural discourse, was undergoing leadership changes. The longtime editor was leaving, and a new editor was coming on board. But in between those two editors, there was one sort of orphaned issue. The board decided to choose a guest editor for that issue, and it turned out to be my boss, David Hacin of Hacin + Associates.

I was sort of an odd duck in the office—I had plenty of skill in architecture, but I also really enjoyed writing and other things, and so I tended to get assigned the weird projects. In this case, it was my lucky day. David brought me on board as Guest Associate Editor, and I learned firsthand how to put a magazine together.

The theme of the issue was “Change”, and we took the opportunity to examine change in Boston, in the architecture industry, and beyond. We pulled in content from industry leaders, entrepreneurs, students, planners, artists and more, and created a beautiful, if idiosyncratic, ode to this odd moment in time.

I did mostly a whole lot of editing and coordinating, but I did get the chance to write one piece. It was called “Wide Open: A Conversation with Young Architects about the Future of the Profession,” (see image below). To read the piece in its entirety, click here.

wide open.jpg
Photoshoots + Styling

Photoshoots + Styling