FWD Partners is a consulting firm with a mission to create unconventional places that build social fabric. 

Our projects rethink physical spaces with three goals: create strong communities, enhance local economies, and transform lives.




Real estate is about more than just speculation and profit. It's about more than square footage statistics, granite countertops, and hardwood floors. Places and spaces frame our lives, impact our relationships, and influence our psychology.  

We think places and space can be built smarter, work harder, and perform better for the people living and working in our cities.

We have experience structuring partnerships, designing flexible spaces, engaging stakeholders, developing innovative partnership strategies and more.

Explore our case studies to get a feel for how we think and how we approach projects.



Nicole Fichera

Nicole is a globally recognized urban innovation expert and entrepreneurial ecosystem builder with a background in architecture and music.

Drawing on a deep professional background at the intersection of the innovation economy and the built environment, Nicole’s work centers around the powerful role that space plays in supporting and amplifying human and economic potential. Nicole brings hands-on expertise in design, economic development and planning, public-private partnerships, space programming and operations, and community engagement.