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47 Winchester

Building a home for guests. A hybrid AirBNB and recreation space, this 4-story brownstone boasts an art gallery and residence.



47 Winchester Street


June 28, 2016


Nicole Fichera, Interiors
Runcible Studios, Architect
Olivia-Ives Flores, Art Curation
Michael Winston, Developer


Boston's historic brick brownstones are charming and well-loved, but they were were designed for a different century. When we looked at this project, we thought about how we could redesign one of these historic, signature buildings to meet the needs of our 21st century community. This project was about more than just converting a historic home into a modern one--this is a place that supports frequent guests, showcases local artists and creatives, and hosts fundraisers and concerts. 

It's also designed specifically for groups: Many families come into Boston every year to visit universities, cheer on relatives in the Boston Marathon, attend commencement ceremonies and weddings, and more. Standard hotels don't work for groups and families, and most large AirBNBs have spotty quality or are located on the fringe of the city. This is a home that lets families travel the way they want to: with plenty of space to gather and spend quality time, with all the predictability and services they could find at a high-end hotel. 


What we’ve accomplished:



Managed 2MM budget to acquire and gut-renovate the original structure built in 1890.



Led community engagement in advance of and after the project appeared before Boston's Zoning Board of Appeals. 



Designed and launched an unparalleled Airbnb experience featuring luxury finishes and high-touch service offerings typically found at a 5-star hotel.



Currently hosting long and short-term stay guests, as well as photoshoots, corporate events, social gatherings, art exhibitions, musical performances and wedding parties.